Astrid Benzer
1990: Studies at the Linz University of Art and Design in “Visual Media Design” and
“Experimental Visual Design”.
1995: Semester at the École des Beaux Arts in Strasbourg, France.
1996: Co-founder of the “Gosh City” artistic group, which uses urban structures for the thematisation of social phenomena.

Helmut Burgsteiner
nickname Petrocelli, is a police detective. He counterbalances the misanthropic attitudes created by his job through the peace and relaxation provided by his camel mare, Khara. They are a team and spend every available moment with one another. For example, attractive rides through the forests of Lower Austria are on the programme.

Jakob Dietrich
Jakob lives and works in Linz and is studying “Experimental Visual Design” at the Linz University of Art and Design.

Ewald Elmecker
Ewald lives in the “Kapu” and is studying “Experimental Visual Design” at the Linz University of Art and Design.

Gerda Gassner
Gerda is the doyenne of the Austrian camel scene. She is present at every “humped” event and despite a number of injuries is an excellent rider. She has lived with animals since her childhood and has 10 camels at her farm, which are available for both rides and tours.

Walter Gruber
A dropout as far as daily stress is concerned, Walter is a dedicated nature guide introducing people to the joys of fauna and flora. However, his greatest love are his two camel geldings, Massimo and Mogli, with whom he undertakes pleasant rambles through mountain pastures.

Gudrun Kogler
Gudrun occupies a mountain farm with her own family of animals, which can be hired as a mini-zoo for special events. Above all, Samson, a white camel gelding is her favourite. Gudrun lives according to the principles of the Indians, as is evident from her hair with its multitude of tiny plaits and her white skin.

Peter Kulev
Born in Kosice, Peter is a student at the Linz University of Art and Design.

Oliver Lasch
1987-90: studies in “Painting & Graphics” at the Linz University of Art and Design.
1990-2002: studies in “Experimental Visual Design” at the Linz University of Art and Design.
Freelance media artist in the areas of film and video.
Ulrike Loizenbauer
is a mother of two and someone who has also been bitten by the camel bug. Accordingly,
apart from keeping her family under control, she also cares for two camel mares at the
Walding Zoological Gardens.

Fam. Maresch
A whole family that came by camel. Baby Shou Shou was lovingly fed with the bottle. The Maresch’ have a lama farm in the Mühlviertel, where holiday weeks for children are also held.

Christian Parthl
The youngest in the camel scene with a superb touch as far as the animals are concerned. Christian can deal with tricky situations brilliantly. Moreover, he not only looks after camels, but also the elephants at the Walding Zoological Gardens.

Heinz Pongratz
A freelance, stressed civil engineer, Heinz finds peace and relaxation with camels. He is much admired in the camel scene and is frequently consulted when problems arise. He has a farm with five camels, which are guaranteed to change his otherwise serious expression into a smile.

Ushi Reiter
Ushi studied “Visual Media Design” at the Linz University of Art and Design. Since 1997, she has been active as a web designer, artist and designer. Her special interest is web activism and the dissemination of information, which moves between art and politics, propaganda and manipulation. Ushi is interested in free communications tools with a focus on gender-specific approaches to technology. Her artistic work is found in the area between concept art, performance and mixed media.

Isa Riedl
1995-1997: studies in art history at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz.
1997-2003: studies in “Painting & Graphics” at the Linz University of Art and Design under
Ursula Hübner.
Areas of work: video, small sculptures, postcards, installations and painting.
International residences: 2001/2002 Bilbao and other parts of Spain, Hong Kong from October 2003.

Dagmar Schink
Studies in “Space & Object” at the Linz University of Art and Design, lives and works as a
freelance artist in Linz.
2001 6-month study residence at the UIAH, University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland.
2003 Foundatin of the v.o.n. association for the realisation of interdisciplinary projects in the
artistic and cultural field. Dagmar’s work relates to the interfaces between art and daily life and
move within the fields of conceptual art, film, video and installations.

Andi Strauss
… the man that the Catholics couldn’t silence.

Gerd Trautner
Graduation from the Hagenberg Polytechnic for Media Technology & Design in 2000, lives and works in Linz. Various projects within the field of interactive installations. Member of the “Time’s Up” research group lab team since 1998
Areas of activity: programming, design, human-machine interfaces, technologies and 3D design, web and wireless technologies. Special interests: human-machine interaction, interface design.

Andi Wahl
Bricklayer, carpenter and joiner. Writes with the same gusto as he drives in nails. First novel 2002, “Mit Gottes Kraft”, co-founder of the internet journal
Saving for his own circular saw.

Luis Wohlmuther
Luis lives and works in Linz. Studies in “Experimental Visual Design” under Prof. Dr. Herbert Lachmayr.
AgitProp Times Up since 1997, assistant to the management of the OK Centre for
Contemporary Art, Linz (2000-2002).
Political work in the “Free Scene” Linz since 1999.
Member of “Ikt” since 2000.
Forum Uni Linz (graduates from the Linz University of Art and Design since 2002).