About the project (2003)

… with a look of George W. Bush‚s worst nightmare come true. The caravan crossing Upper Austria, consisting of eight camels and about 20 people, will keep up this tradition and adress dominant power constructs and modern myths. Such as the myth that “There‚s no alternative” (Margaret Thatcher) to capitalism and neo-liberalism. But also the omnipresent disinformation and oppression by mass media under the influence, as most recently seen during the war on Iraq, will be a target.

On its way from Kohlgrube to Linz, the caravan starting June 29th and running through July 3rd will stop every evening to set up camp and cook, inviting everyone (locals, caravan participants, curious bystanders) to deal with different aspects of neo-liberal globalisation in a series of events: film projections, discussion groups or panels about issues such as the construction of animosity, world rule, fit for fun, power of the media, xenophobia, resistance, or affirmative pop culture. The caravan will also meet other travellers, such as the Volxtheaterkarawane (Wels) or Kanak Attak (Linz) for specific evening programmes.


The setup